Please allow us to introduce to you the most recent product of our company, the Weapon Tresor safe. We are the only one in the world producing these types of weapon cabinets that provide safety through glasses. Till now you were not able to keep your rare weapons and expensive hunting gears you are proud of in the greatest security, without having to miss seeing them. Here is the solution.

Our company produces its Weapon Tresor safes in two basic sizes, but naturally we meet specific requirements as well. We are producing these safes or let us call them luxurious security vitrines customised to your demands. You may choose the colour of the interior drapery and you may choose the material of the external frame as well, which may be either wood or any kind of metal and it may be even coated with noble metal. The glass of the vitrine is bulletproof glass of C1SA classification. The frame structure and the inserted element protecting the latches are made of a special material pressed into a two layer steel plate.

The security system of the safe consists of a six digit digital lock, which, if required, controls - in addition to the latches - an incorporated GSM based alarm system as well. Naturally it may be connected to the own alarm system of the house or it may be connected to the security service provider selected.

Please define your desired Weapon Tresor safe on the downloadable form with the aid of the downloadable material samples.


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