DESIGN and PROFICIENCY Buying a Time Safe is something like obtaining an object that saves your valuables and is a real gem of your home. Applying the knowledge of past centuries beside today's increased safety and look requirements, our technicians prepare each piece by hand and with precision.

Every safe is unique, made only for you. We consider every detail that you provide us, size, preferred materials and colors, location. We comply with the sofa, the furniture and your unique needs. Impossible is nothing.

Based on your outlined request, our craftsman prepares several design options that are then transformed into computer models by our 3D designer and sent to you for selection. Using the materials selected, the option chosen is then cast to obtain the final model. Manufacturing is begun only after all this...


Considering the demand of its ambitious watch gatherer clients, the Time Safe makers created the first safe that featured watch tedders and safety glass. Our bullet proof glass holds the highest CASA qualification.

Time Safe offers you a locker in which your watches attract premier attention, and thanks to its special design it will be the jewel of your home.

Time Safe locker is more than just the harmony of save, safety, and perfect beauty - it is a unique form, a customized shape. It is a safe, in which not only your watches are displayed but also they are safe.

Why would you put your watches of high value in a general watch tedder, where they are absolutely not safe? Time Safe created its glassed safe based on the thought of being able to do what had been impossible before.

See your watch in Safe

Your watches are safe, but still you can see them. This was inconceivable before.


An unrivalled feature of Time Safe Manufactory is the visible security it provides. Safety glass meeting every applicable security standard has never been used before for safe manufacture. Customers and their expectations for home interior design have never been considered in safe design to such a great extent. Safes have never been designed by applying such a great care, and available options have never been so unlimited.

Architectural and decorational aspects have not been taken into account before by safe manufacturers.

In addition to traditional safe manufacture, Time Safe Manufactory opened a new era for contemporary safe production.

Time Safe is a unique choice that you can purchase exclusively from us.

You have a secure place for all your valuables and watches behind the bullet proof glass of the safe harmonizing with your home's interior design, and you do not need to miss clock action, also, the things that

you are proud of are always displayed. Moreover, you never have to worry about banking hours anymore whenever you need your valuables for any important event.


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